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Elan Rajamani

Ed Huff


Every Sunday
Room 222 (formerly R362)

Sherwood Oaks Christian Church
(enter through Door #2 and go up the stairs on right)

International Coffee Hour  is an opportunity for internationals to connect with other internationals and Americans & to explore the message of the Bible together. Learn more about the Bible, Christianity and Jesus. Join us for a time of refreshments, socializing & discussing the Bible in a relaxed atmosphere.

Internationals of all  background welcome.

New discussion series

Your work matters.

You spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (or more!) there. It's what everyone talk about at parties. It's how everyone introduce themselves. It's where people meet a lot of their friends. It might even be the reason people live where they live. Our jobs often dictate the circumstances and rhythms of our lives. So why does Monday morning feel so far from Sunday morning? For many Christians, there is a significant gap between work and faith. The two simply feel unrelated.

Redeeming Work is a 6-session discussion series that will help bridge that gap between work and faith. This series will help provide a Biblical view of your work.

The following is the series schedule:

Jan 7     Session 1 – What do you want to be when you grow up?
Jan 14   Session 2 – But I hate my job  
Jan 21   Session 3 – Redeeming Work
Jan 28   Session 4 – Calling or Career?
Feb 4     Session 5 – The Powers that be
Feb 11   Session 6 – The God we serve

Let your friends know and join us for this exciting 6 week series. This series is helpful for both Christians and those interested in knowing more about the Christian faith.

Come and join us for a time of refreshments, friendship and Bible discussion. Invite your friends. 


International Coffee Hour
A ministry of Sherwood Oaks Christian Church

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